Do not expect a fantastic uptick

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Posted November 11,2020 in Servicios.

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Do not expect a fantastic uptick

Do not expect a fantastic uptick in visual quality -- those beam tracing effects just use to shadows, and that means you're going to find a softer, more realistic areas of classic gold wow darkness when you're using the option.

If you have been having trouble getting Shadowlands' ray-tracing to kick , Blizzard's got some help on the official forums. You're going to want a GPU that supports ray tracing tier 1.1, with the latest drivers, in addition to the May 2020 update for Windows 10 -- and, of course, you'll need to be using DirectX 12.

As announced earlier this week, the GeForce 452.06 driver offers added support for the WoW Shadowlands beta. You can head to buy wow classic gold the Blizzard website to opt-in for an opportunity at beta accessibility, as always.


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