I have no use for this

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Posted November 11,2020 in Servicios.

Smarthuiyuan Smarthuiyuan
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I have no use for this

I tried Monkey Madness sometime past year, and may I just sayit does indeed live up to OSRS gold its rumored stress-inducing qualities. I wasn't quite ready and didn't change my Prayer on quite fast enough until the demon started assaulting mepersonally, and then would not you know it, my connection froze for a millionth of a second. And BOOM! I had been dead.

All of which kind of combined to make my"YEARGH!" In 3am (ok, yeah, well, I did not have anyplace to go the next morning,y'know?) Somewhat clear under the circumstances. While I browse throughout the Monkey Madness guide, it said to possess the Monkey GreeGree along with the M'Speak Amulet in my inventory when I went to combat the demon in the end of the quest. The issue is that I did so, and once I died, I retained the M'Speak Amulet, however, the GreeGree was missing.

The guide does not say how to return, at least it did not last time I looked at it. I moved back into Ape Atoll and spoke to the baby monkey and told him I dropped it, but he only started crying. I picked a banana used it on him, but he stated,"I have no use for this, Uncle." Other attempts to Buy RS gold talk to him just got me"The Monkey Child is too busy yelling..." from the chat box. Any info? Where do I get a brand new Talisman? Thank you for replying. It is getting a bit beyond me!

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