The men and women who live here will resemble Celts

The men and women who live here will resemble Celts

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The men and women who live here will resemble Celts

Profit breakdown: 13.2k Broad Bolts. I create about 5 gp per bolt that's (5*13200) = 66,000. 10 Marks of Grace = 100 amylase so 1 mark of grace = 10 amylase = 8500 (850 ea *10) sooo... (8500*16) = 136,000 off of Marks of RS gold Grace alone. 136,000 + 66,000 = 202,000 gp in 1 hour. So you could easily make millions off of having 90 or 99 agility. This will aid in long term in receiving buyable 99s. Hope you enjoyed reading that.

Personally, I dislike the five families item. For starters it looks too much like Prifddinas, and we shouldn't be recycling Runescape 3 articles (that is boring). I'm also concerned that if you happen to side with a single household. You cut out the material from another four. I like the original Port Roberts thought better. Port Roberts could be the main link between Asgarnia/Kandarin/Misthalin and the new continent, and resemble these regions more than the remainder of the continent. Due to animosity towards the customs authority, people have begun to turn towards prohibited smugglers and pirates to perform trading for them. Quests could learn more about the conflict between the two forces and you might choose to side with either . The closest actual life approximation I can think of would be colonial Boston.

All areas of Runescape now represent some component of medieval Europe or the east. That really only leaves Mediterranean/Southern Europe, so it'd be logical for its new continent to resemble Italy/Spain/Greece. I think you could integrate iron era concepts in to this. By way of example, you may have two big cities that resemble Carthage and Rome (Carthage employs elephants, please). The two are not at war, but have been previously and are now in the midst of a tense standoff. The road between them is highly guarded and you'll be assaulted by demanding foes if you try to travel along it. You could have either 1 town"good" and one city"bad" and have quests where your character fights for the fantastic city or you could have them both on equal footing.

The men and women who live here will resemble Celts and they're looked down upon as savages from the southerners. They are a little like Fremenniks, but these individuals are hunter-gatherers and reside in much smaller settlements. They're also in conflict with one if both cities to the southwest, which is attempting to expand in their territory. I think this could be a good place to have the raiding dungeons thing, if that is what Jagex wants. I am not sure why this has been pushed on us, in a recent survey solo directors got twice as much aid. I'm worried it is going to be an artisan type of scenario, where Jagex retains polling players and it repeatedly say no. I think what OSRS really needs is buy rs gold paypal a complex solo boss, similar to the QBD of 2012. I say similar to the QBD since it originally existed in the old combat system which was fairly fundamental, but also had mechanics which were complex for the moment. I'm not saying the mechanics ought to be the same, though maybe the dragon kiteshield are a good drop.

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